Back in the day parts of my family lived in Detroit. My father has memories of my great-grandmother going, “Hit ‘em harder, Gordie, hit ‘em harder!”

Ladies have always loved hockey.  


TGA - The Spirit of Jazz


TGA - The Spirit of Jazz

My first ever tumblr post almost 3 years ago was a quote by Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Carter.
His story of a long path to finding grace and peace amidst the most grave injustice has had an impact on me as it has countless others.

Honor him, world.

I haven’t been there in years
To our corner of the cemetery
So in my mind I can still find you
Smoking German cigarettes And stuffing the butts into the hollow of that tree.
Too young to smoke anywhere else.
Now I think I’m too old not to quit.
I never could bring you bad news.
But your best friend isn’t good.
I wished you had called her.
I wish you’d call me too.
You’ve never even seen where I live.
Nor I you, no matter really.
I’ve never been home without you.
Our souls have grown used to “I miss you.”
But in the deepest parts of me,
Something is missed or missing.
Aren’t you searching for a part of you?


I didn’t rent it shoes

I’m not buying it a fucking beer

He’s not taking your fucking turn, Dude

He doesn’t like my poetry…


even if you were too small to understand why


Cinematographer: Bruno Delbonnel