I haven’t been there in years
To our corner of the cemetery
So in my mind I can still find you
Smoking German cigarettes And stuffing the butts into the hollow of that tree.
Too young to smoke anywhere else.
Now I think I’m too old not to quit.
I never could bring you bad news.
But your best friend isn’t good.
I wished you had called her.
I wish you’d call me too.
You’ve never even seen where I live.
Nor I you, no matter really.
I’ve never been home without you.
Our souls have grown used to “I miss you.”
But in the deepest parts of me,
Something is missed or missing.
Aren’t you searching for a part of you?


I didn’t rent it shoes

I’m not buying it a fucking beer

He’s not taking your fucking turn, Dude

He doesn’t like my poetry…


even if you were too small to understand why


Cinematographer: Bruno Delbonnel

If there are others…And I have to believe whenbecause in the day I am meant to be herebut then the night comes and swallows me whole.He spits me out into strange landsI am strange things, and feelings I don’t know take meI burn with it here itching for where this new body calls homeand the strangers that she knowsThe night has to be he…nothing ever has penetrated me so
If there are others,They will smell you in my bonesthey will breathe you from my lungsno matter how long agoAnd they might even feel his touch indented in my skinthough the cells he touched died long agoThey will find slivers of you both in my heartbig enough to pick out, pick upBut if they cut me open I bleed the darkIf they will care to drinkthey would taste the night in my blood
What was it to feel too much?
There was always whiskey for that.
And I’ve never been alone before.
I’ve got a pack full of Marlboro friends.